Our firm can offer legal aid on several matters arising under the Cyprus Tax Law and we can assist our clients with the following (with contribution from our affiliates and strategic partners):


1.Strategic tax planning

2. Trusts

3. Company Formation in Cyprus and other jurisdictions

4. Restructuring groups for tax efficiency

5. Application of double tax treaties

6. Domicile

7. Tax litigation

8. Tax implications of merger and acquisitions

9. Tax implications of joint ventures


We also consider ourselves experts on the tax due diligence procedures for debt workout processes to take place through a Loan Restructuring and/or through a Debt for Asset Swap. For a debt to be restructured, the current debt is currently not performing, there is potential for performance after the workout; and the value of the business and/or the debtor’s assets have fallen below the par value of the debt. The objective in the debt restructuring will be to reduce the financial risk faced by the debtor and provide immediate treatment of the creditor’s negative balance sheet.


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