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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Our firm offers a vast scope of Corporate Services which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Company Formation and Registration in Cyprus
  2. Company Formation and Registration in other Jurisdictions
  3. Corporate Litigation


Litigation is our main area of practice and our firm is focused on providing the best possible litigation service for its clients.

Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law

Our firm specializes in the Cyprus Insolvency Law and we thus offer a vast scope of Insolvency Law services relating to Companies or Individuals which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Loan Restructurings
  2. Liquidations
  3. Voluntary Liquidations
  4. Receivership
  5. Examinerships
  6. Company Insolvency Litigation
Tax Law

Tax Law

Our firm can offer legal aid on several matters arising under the Cyprus Tax Law.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration law is a highly technical field of law and requires effective representation before the Immigration Authorities of Cyprus. The reason behind this is that it involves and revolves around domestic, European and International law.

At C. MAVROCOSTAS & Co. LLC, we provide a wide range of immigration related services for both European and Third Country nationals.

We are committed to provide reliable and cost-effective legal advice and services in order to promote our client’s interests.

Sports Law

Sports Law

As acknowledged by many experts of the field, Sports Law in Cyprus is broadly used as an umbrella term which includes different aspects of law such as intellectual property law, employment law, corporate law, competition law and many other fields of law. Sports Law is a growing aspect of Law which evolves and becomes more complex as the sports industry undergoes commercialization and is advertised like never before.

Accidents/Personal Injuries

Accidents/Personal Injuries

Personal Injury claims usually arise from injuries caused through the negligent acts or omissions of another party. Our firm can act for both claimants and defendants in accidents and personal injury claims.

Banking & Finance Law

Banking & Finance Law

Cyprus Banking Law is one of our major areas of practice and our expertise covers but is not limited to the following aspects of Cyprus Banking Law:

  1. Any kind of Banking Litigation
  2. General Banking Legal Advice
  3. Handling of Restructurings
  4. Handling of Debt for Asset Swaps
  5. Handling of Foreclosure processes
  6. Drafting of Banking Contracts

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