Litigation is our main area of practice, and our firm is focused on providing the best possible litigation service for its clients. We offer a large range of litigation services covering nearly all the litigating needs of our clients: 


1. Civil Litigation (Banking disputes, Debt Collection, Accidents and Injury claims, Contractual disputes)

2. Corporate Litigation (Injunctions, Interim reliefs, Mergers, Acquisitions, Liquidations, Voluntary Liquidations, applications relating to companies)

3. Employment Law Disputes (Unfair dismissals, Redundancy, Breach of Employment contracts, Equal pay, Disciplinary proceedings)

4. Family Law Disputes (Divorces, Marital property disputes, Children maintenance, Spouse Maintenance, Children Custody, Protective Measures)

5. Rent Control Law Disputes (Breach of Rental Agreements, Rent Collection, Evictions, Revaluations of Rent)

6. Administrative Law Disputes

7. Probates and Administrations of the Estates of the Deceased

8. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements or Arbitral Awards

9. Representation in Arbitration Proceedings


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